For the weekly tutorials we have installed the following groups:

Exercises: The first set of exercises will be made available during the first week. Please find a partner in your group to solve the exercises jointly within one week. Your partner should not change during the term. Exercises associated with more than two names are not accepted. The exercises can be written either in English or in German.

Exercise submission: (starting from Oct. 21): Group PG01 submits directly to the tutor in the tutorial on Monday morning, all other groups submit their exercises at the beginning of the lecture on Monday morning. In exceptional cases the solutions may also be submitted electronically directly to your tutor before Monday 10:00 (as a fully readable scanned PDF, please do not send blurry cellphone pictures). Your tutor will correct them individually and return the corrections one week later.

As you certainly know, the attendance of the tutorials is not compulsory. However, experience tells us that it is extremely unlikely to pass the exam without attending the exercises. In order to offer an additional incentive, your points achieved in the exercises will go into the final grade according to a bonus system, see Examination Criteria for further details.